Friday, March 7, 2014

The Setting Sun

Evening fishing on the Pacific ocean
I am spending a month or so on Ecuador's Pacific coast in the province of Manabi - famous for its incredible seafood, beautiful women and unspoiled beaches... and stunning sunsets.

Birds pass the dying sun in Ayampe
Brown pelicans pass a dying sun
I'm in Ayampe, a village south of Puerto Lopez popular with surfers and hippies. It's a good location, just far enough from Montanita to escape the madness but close enough to enjoy the madness occasionally. It's also 15 minutes from Puerto Lopez and its crazy beach fish market.

Child on the beach in Ayampe
Sunset over Ayampe

One of the best things about staying in Ayampe is the sunsets. Every day - at 6:15pm - most of the town converges on the beach or balconies to watch the spectacle. At first the sun burns golden yellow, still surprisingly high in the sky at 6pm. As it sinks it begins to turn a bloody red and its descent becomes more rapid. It dips a toe into the Pacific ocean and then plunges in, extinguishing itself behind the horizon.

Birds hunting flying fish over the Pacific, Ecuador
Pelicans hunting fish, you can see them leaping from the water on the right
But the show isn't over with the sun. For the next hour the sky glows golden orange, crimson, dark blue at the extremities. Any clouds in the sky take on a pastel pink tone and are stunningly back-lit by the hidden sun.

Sunset over the Pacific, Ayampe, Ecuador
24mm wide-angle sunset

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