Friday, January 31, 2014

Monkey dentist gives dog a check-up

A playful schnauzer dog got more than he bargained for when he stumbled across a baby monkey in Misahualli.
Monkey dentist and the dog 1/9
"You look like fun."
Monkey dentist and the dog 2/9
Reinforcements... "ATTACK!"
Monkey dentist and the dog 3/9
"If you could just relax, please"
Monkey dentist and the dog 4/9
The Schauzer's moustache whiskers make great monkey handles
Monkey dentist and the dog 5/9
"Are you sure you're a trained dentist?"
"Yes," the monkey lied
Monkey dentist and the dog 6/9
"Open wide"
Monkey dentist and the dog 7/9
Up to the elbow in dog
Monkey dentist and the dog 8/9
Are you sure this is entirely necessary?
Monkey dentist and the dog 9/9
"Ugh! Dog slobber"

Misahualli is a town in Ecuador's Napo province, in the Amazon region. The monkeys rule the town and live openly in the main square as a rowdy gang.

Naturally tourists love to lark around with the monkeys, but they'd better keep a close eye on their possessions.

When I was taking these photos I left my motorcycle jacket unguarded and returned to find a monkey trying to drag it away. Luckily it was too heavy but the monkey was persistent. I tried to shoo him away but he unfurled his lips like Dracula and showed me his terrifying fangs. Surely he won't bite me, I reasoned (with no logic whatsoever) and shooed him again. This time he tried to bite me. A local Kichwa man who'd watched the situation unfold picked  up a rock and lobbed it at the thieving mono. "Would be haven bitten me?" I asked. "Claro," he said.


  1. I enjoyed looking at those pictures. They are all so cute. I really like monkeys, and I was amazed at how that baby reacted and moved. It's like he wants to take care of the dog so much. Thank you for sharing that, Tom! All the best to you!

    Randal Barber @ Poggis Animal House

  2. Wow I love this blog and the entertaining photos which accompany it. I have done some voluntary work in the past at a monkey sanctuary and know how cheeky they can be. It's best to be cautious of them at all times. I thought it was funny that the monkey had its hand in the dogs mouth. Hope your jacket is ok.

    Elvira Mullins @ Anne Nelson Vets

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